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Can your FAITH give you a job?

'Of course dear, yes! Have you ever thought of the influence of religion on followers? Then give it another hard thought. Most successful entrepreneurs and controllers of industry who have the satisfaction of 'making the best out of life' eventually fall back on the belief they suppressed before they got to where they are. Since they've seen everything about life and it just feels the same, they crave a higher purpose -the God factor. Insecurity begins to creep into their heads and they know they may be 'gone' anyday. This set now constitute the elders at the hem of affairs in church. While some are there out of pure conviction, some just want to show off. Alright, we're not here to preach. Here's the real deal:
1. GET TO THEM WHILE THEY ARE ON YOUR RADAR: Once the rich fellaz in
church leave the church premises and are back in the world where everyone is struggling for survival, the same compassionate people who donate money all the time become hard hearted and non sympathetic especially when it boils down to money. So your best bet is to get through to them IN CHURCH first. How can you do this? You will have to be an active member of the church. #ps: not necessarily a shouting
one. Get involved in the things of God! Aha.. This is quite the biggie for you guys. Well, its either like this,  or you're flat ass broke with no job. As I was saying, you should get involved. Ushering is the best bet for me. You get to smile more often at them and they get to notice you every sunday. Fair enough.
2. TAKE A STEP FORWARD: yes, you will have to go to them. Don't even think about giving them your CV (yet). You will just ruin it. Are there church sales? Bulletins?? Always take it to him/her first. At this time you should have a target boss in mind. Don't try to juggle them all. You can't. Take his kids to the car after service. Are his kids grown? Make friends. Does he offer to drop you off? Gladly accept, even if you are not going his way. A lot can be asked and answered in the car. 'Questions like where do you school' may come up, and when you say you've graduated, its only impulsive to ask if you've started working. You know what your answer is. The same endpoint is
anticipated to happen if you happen to visit your new found friend's home and stumble into a happy family session. As a boss who has been receiving favors, he knows that time has come for a reciprocation. However,  if he doesn't promise anything at this point, don't lose steam. Increase your efforts.
3. GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORN: Eventually, this was the essence of the foreplay. You may have everything fall into place for you or you may not. If the latter is the case, then its your duty to push them into place. Write or text him about your situation. He should respond favorably. Expected results are direct employment or a rock solid recommendation. Either way, you'll be getting paid for your efforts. 
4. Its all about common sense. There's no hard and fast rule about it. The question is what can you faith do for you? Will it land you that job? 

By Fred Ogundu 

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By Fred Ogundu 

Click here to follow me on facebook.


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