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What is even special about this Blog?!

It's a fine day, gentlemen and great ladies.
I'm glad you opened up this blog today and clicked on this introductory post. I guess it's time we met. First of, I appreciate the principle of collective benefits and advancement of progress of the common man; which is why this platform belongs to everyone that makes an impact on this blog.

I intend to work with all who are available and willing to create a great network of working class citizens in Nigeria. By working class, I mean everyone who has something doing, no matter how small or big it is. Whether self employed, an employee or an employer of labour. Those who are yet to get into this circle are highly welcome as well. In fact the unemployed have greater stakes to benefit from this platform. Students who want to own their own ventures or have  successful careers also have the opportunity to learn how it is done.
So, if you happen to have any vacancy in your establishment, send me an email with the full description of the jobs available.
Those who need jobs should also do well to send their resumes to my email. By resume, I do not mean your full details. I just need your name, phone number, qualifications and area of specialization. I'll keep them in my vault and will release them only to relevant employers who will need them, after I get your approval to do so.

It is my job therefore, to link employers to the unemployed or highly valued employees looking for better opportunities and vice versa. It is also my job to inform you of webinars, seminars and conferences you can attend  for the development of your career as well as leadership capabilities, because I know you don't want to be a follower all your life. Different trainings will also be available for your enjoyment. And of course it is my duty to give you tips to help you excel at work.

Don't get mad if you see advertisements, I have to make a living. Expect much from me, but don't focus on the volume. Look at the value of the ones given.

Finally, I'd be delighted to publish your articles here once I receive them, in so far as they don't breach copyright. Send them to my email:
If you have an event you'd want me to be present at, just email me- I read and reply all my mails. I'll be there if I'm not cramped, but if I happen to be, I'll explain why. 

Thank you.


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