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What is even special about this Blog?!

It's a fine day, gentlemen and great ladies.
I'm glad you opened up this blog today and clicked on this introductory post. I guess it's time we met. First of, I appreciate the principle of collective benefits and advancement of progress of the common man; which is why this platform belongs to everyone that makes an impact on this blog.
I intend to work with all who are available and willing to create a great network of working class citizens in Nigeria. By working class, I mean everyone who has something doing, no matter how small or big it is. Whether self employed, an employee or an employer of labour. Those who are yet to get into this circle are highly welcome as well. In fact the unemployed have greater stakes to benefit from this platform. Students who want to own their own ventures or have  successful careers also have the opportunity to learn how it is done.
So, if you happen to have any vacancy in your establishment, send me an email with the full description of …

Have you had it rough with previous bosses? Learn how to build and maintain a good relationship with your boss!

You've just started a new job. There are many things you need to establish - from learning the day to day requirements to getting to know your co-workers and the layout of the company. One of the most important will be developing a good relationship with your boss. Our experts discuss some ways to help you lay the groundwork to develop a long-term, positive relationship.
The first step in the process centers on getting to know your boss. This may seem self-evident, but can include many aspects from understanding his/ her work-style to likes and dislikes. For instance, is your boss a hands-on manager or do they prefer a less formal approach. Asking your boss the way in-which they prefer to work and communicate, will help.
Also become familiar with your boss - moods and learn subtle cues. If they are tight on time it may not be a good moment to begin a discussion on new business ideas. If they get highly stressed in certain situations, maintaining a calm response to their requests m…

New Job Opening (for Accountants Finance experts)

Specialization: Accounting and Finance jobs

Salary: ₦125,000

Job details
The main responsibility of the teller supervisor is to ensure the Daily Operations of the Main Bank Lobby Teller Line, under the direction of the Vice President working in the operations area of the bank.
Typical Duties and Responsibilities
Scheduling, Supervising, Training and Developing Staff,
Maintaining Customer Service standards, greeting customers and facilitating a welcoming and customer focused environment,
Performing as paying and receiving teller in bank lobby,
Responding to customer inquiries and concerns and creating positive solutions,
Daily monitoring of CTR processing
Ordering Cash for Main Bank and Drive In,
Balancing the Currency Vault and the Coin Vault,
Daily Transmittal of Cash Advances,
Counterfeit Note Report,
Monitoring accuracy of Monetary Instrument Log (MIL),
Maintaining supplies, Organization of the teller line,
Supporting the Staff by approving/overseeing transactions as needed, assist…

Can your FAITH give you a job?

'Of course dear, yes! Have you ever thought of the influence of religion on followers? Then give it another hard thought. Most successful entrepreneurs and controllers of industry who have the satisfaction of 'making the best out of life' eventually fall back on the belief they suppressed before they got to where they are. Since they've seen everything about life and it just feels the same, they crave a higher purpose -the God factor. Insecurity begins to creep into their heads and they know they may be 'gone' anyday. This set now constitute the elders at the hem of affairs in church. While some are there out of pure conviction, some just want to show off. Alright, we're not here to preach. Here's the real deal: 1. GET TO THEM WHILE THEY ARE ON YOUR RADAR: Once the rich fellaz in
church leave the church premises and are back in the world where everyone is struggling for survival, the same compassionate people who donate money all the time become hard hea…

SAGE 50 Accounting packages for individuals, sole proprietorship, companies and agencies by KTC, PH

Are you interested in training, installation, implementation, customization, and even maintenance of accounting package and applications such as sage, Peachtree (now sage 50), QuickBooks, then you are on the page you've been looking for. KT Consult renders quality nationwide services on these programs and provides discounts for your patronage. So what are you waiting for? Talk to them now.

There's a vacancy. Hush! Don't shout.... Apply now!!

There are some vacant positions in K.T Consulting co, an Audit firm in port-harcourt.
Positions available include:
I. Secretary,
II. Audit/Accounting Trainees,
III. Chartered Accountant.
Interested applicants should forward their CV's to this email:
They will be contacted within 72 hours of receipt via their email as to the date of the interview. Inquiries are to be sent to the same email or to their office at 12 Agip Road, Opp. Banana Kids' world, Rumueme PH.
For more information, call
Fred: 08138730840